New website and a glimpse into my studio life

Today marks the launch of my new website, over which I finally have some control with the content. In the past I was unable to easily update the gallery images and was forced to accumulate new paintings over a period of time and then have the site developer make editing changes to a rather limiting grid. It was costly and time consuming, and as a result the site became out of date fairly quickly. Now, I can handle the updates myself and keep the site current with new work. In addition, I've added this Studio News section where I can post regular journal entries to  provide insight into my daily routines. Life as an artist is certainly not glamorous or overly accomplish any degree of public success, one must dedicate a great deal of time to reading and research, accumulating reference material, sketching, purchasing paints and materials, marketing, and of course practicing and mastering one's craft. You must be prepared to work in isolation most of the time and learn to rely on your own instincts when choosing subject matter. And most important...keep working.